Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area


In this week’s episode; we wanted to focus on a topic that I am very passionate about. It is something that when done correctly, can have a ripple effect of positivity in your community. The topic at hand is that of Community Outreach. This can mean something different to every individual but this episode is going to focus on the act of helping and providing services or acts of kindness to the population that can do good within your community. However, as businesses how do you know if what you are doing is actually not only helping the community but also helping your livelihood?

I sit across the virtual table with my longtime friend, Woodstock Bader. A man of many hats. Piercer, Tattooer, Scarification Artist, and shop owner of The Crow’s Nest and Retrospect Tattoo Removal in Iowa.Woodstock has done some amazing work within his community. We felt he was the perfect guest to discuss how important helping people truly is.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about the effect of kindness can have, how to break the mold of being “that business” in your community and how not to donate yourself out of business.


Woodstock and his businesses can all be found on their Instagram or on their studios websites respectively.  If you want to ask him questions about his work within the community, you can email him directly at Woodstock_Bader@yahoo.com.

This episode is sponsored by  Jewelry This Way and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area


2 thoughts on “Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area

  1. Ellie Herring

    Hey Will, big fan of the show. I’m sorry if I missed this in an already discussed episode, but what’s your opinion on “virgin” piercers (never had an apprenticeship before) taking something like a Fakir Piercing Intensive course like this? (https://fakir.org/classes/) obviously it’s no substitute for an apprenticeship, but I’m hoping it will increase my chances of getting an apprenticeship. There’s only one APP shop in Denver and they are not open to apprenticeships. I’m willing to expand my location horizons but am wondering if you think taking a Fakir intensive course will appeal to other APP piercers/make me stand out when asking and applying for apprenticeships.


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