Episode 1 – Trouble shooting in the Digital Age featuring A.J Goldman of 12 oz Studios

Episode 2 – Nipple Piercings: No longer a taboo? featuring Anna Beall of Cowpok

Episode 3 – APP Conference Survival Guide featuring Cale Bedford of Uzu Organics

Episode 4 – Materials and Ideas: A talk with a Jewelry Maker featuring Andy Dunn of SouthShore Adornments

Episode 5 – Queen Bees: The people behind the counter featuring Danny Greenwood of Cold Steel America and Sara Czernikowski of Dorje Adornments

Episode 6 – Young Guns: Being a younger person in our industry

Episode 7 – A Touch of Gold: Talking jewelry with a Goldsmith

Episode 9 – Life on the Road: Being a Traveling Body Piercer

Episode 10 – Is Piercing Art?

Episode 11 – Working with Jewelry Companies : Tips from a Man on the Inside

Episode 12 – The Permanence of Stone: Combining Skills to Create Jewelry

Episode 13 – Building your Brand : Help from an Expert

Episode 14 – Visual Media & Standing your Ground : A Talk with Luis Garcia

Episode 15 – Preventing Burn Out: Taking Care of What Truly Matters Most

Episode 16 – Handcrafted and Humble: An interview with Alan of Origins Handmade

Episode 17 – Real Talk: Hearing the Things you Don’t Want to Hear

Episode 18 -We Need to Talk: What We Don’t “Like” About Social Media

Episode 19 – The Things They Did Not Tell You : Why it’s OK to Ask Why

Episode 20 – Curated Piercings : A Sharp Eye for Trending Fashion

Episode 21 – What are you Worth? : Wages in the Industry

Episode 22 – Being a Business Owner: Problem Solver or Problem Creator?

Episode 23 – Being a Queercer : Gender Fluidity Part.1

Episode 24 – A Different Road to Success: Transitioning to Other Roles in the Industry

Episode 25 – Conference Survival Guide 2.0

Episode 26 – From Concept to Reality: An Interview with Jared of Onetribe

Episode 27 – Making the Cut: What Employers are looking for: Part.1

Episode 28 – Making the Cut What Employers are looking for Part.2

Episode 29 – What is that Called? : Communication and Language in the Industry

Episode 30 – The Elephant in the Room: Racism in the Industry

Episode 31 – Freehand Versus Tools: Why can’t we just get along?

Episode 32.1 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Becky Dill of Cold Steel

Episode 32.2 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Cale Belford of Piercing Emporium

Episode 32.3 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Luis Garcia of NoKaOi

Episode 32.4 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Ryan Ouellette of Precision Body Arts

Episode 32.5 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Barron William of Boundless Tattoo Company

Episode 32.6 – 2018 APP Board Nominees: Paul Rainer of Bound for Glory Tattoo.

Episode 33 – What it takes to Lead: Experiences of a Board Member

Episode 34 – You Can’t Make Everyone Happy:Dealing with Customer Criticism

Episode 35 – Making it your Own: Revamping Studios

Episode 36 – All of us have a place in history: The Body Piercing Archive

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas

Episode 38 – APP Conference 2019: Planet Hollywood Edition

Episode 40 – Apprenticeships

Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area

Episode 42 –A Jewelry Company within a Studio

Episode 43 – Helping the Masses: The AAPP forum

Episode 44 – Supporting Those That Support Us: A Community Conversation

Episode 45 – Clay as a Body Jewelry Material: Putting it all on the Slab