Episode 40 – Apprenticeships


In this week’s episode, we talk about one of the most requested topics since I started this podcast. It seems that every week, I get messages and emails asking for advice about it. Not only do I get questions about how to get one but also if individuals are getting the most out of them. We are going to be discussing Apprenticeships.

We sit down with my longtime friend, Jef Saunders of Gamma Piercing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jef was a perfect choice for this episode. His many years as a shop owner, training several apprentices and helping to develop things within the Association of Professional Piercers has made him a wealth of information on the topic. In addition to that, his body piercing blog, piercingnerd.com, had a well-written description about what an individual such as himself looks for in an apprentice. Covering training, attributes and the such. Jef and I go over this and what we both find desirable. We also discuss other difficult to discuss aspects for those already with apprenticeships, such as is the apprenticeship worth your time and energy and should you just start over?

Listen is as we talk about the attributes the industry looks for in apprentices, why Instagram messages are the worst form of communication and what things you should look for in a good teacher.


Jef can be found on his Instagram, his blog, or at his place of business, Gamma Piercing.

This episode sponsored by Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 40 – Apprenticeships


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