Will VonDoome is:

  • The former owner of  Albany’s only fully internally threaded/threadless studio
  • Certified in blood borne pathogen (renewed annually)
  • Certified in basic first aid (renewed annually)
  • Funeral Director in New York State

Will VonDoome certificates and training include:

  • Certificates from Steve Haworth in Magnetic Jewelry Theory and Practice, Successful Techniques in Laser Branding, and Successful Genital Bead Placement
  • Certificates from Samppa Von Cyborg in Tongue Splitting and Flesh Stapling
  • Certificates from The Association of Professional Piercers in Studio Documentation,Practical Use of Statim, In & Outs of Male Genital Piercings, In & Outs of Female Genital Piercings Advanced Materials Standards & Applications,Sterilization & Piercing Room Aseptic Technique, Anodizing, Jewelry Concept & Design, Modern Surface Piercing & Jewelry, Glass, Knowing & Selling Stone, Small Business Financial Basics, Minimizing Tools, Exploration of the “O” Needle, Creative Marketing, and Aftercare:Troubleshooting, Stretching:Everything more then Lobes, Studio Aesthetics, Gold & Diamonds, Gold Jewelry:Sales and Marketing,Strategic Marking, Mastering the Jewelry Monster, Needles: the Cutting Edge, Nostril Piercing Fundamentals,Wood Safety & Maintenance,Versatility in Piercing Techniques, Anatomy of the Body for Piercers, Going Paperless, Photography Tips for Industry Professionals, and Tools are Not the Devil
  • Associates Degree in Mortuary Science, which includes 4 Credits of Anatomy, 4 Credits of Hygiene & Sanitary Science, 3 Credits of Pathology,and 3 Credits of Legal & Ethical Environment of Business.
  • Completed a 1.5 year piercing apprenticeship

My piercing philosophy:

  • I believe in “client over mod”, if I do not feel a piercing will heal well or otherwise suit a client, I will decline to perform the piercing.
  • I am here to help you and your piercing. Even if i did not perform the piercing, I will help you to the best of my abilities. No judgement.
  • I am active in the professional piercing community and always looking to further my own education.
  • I seek to educate and empower clients with information. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I welcome and encourage potential clients to contact me.
  • I follow the highest standards for sterilization and cross contamination and my autoclave is tested monthly for to ensure it is in working order.
  • I urge piercing clients to review the Piercee’s Bill of Rights and research several piercers before selecting one. The APP’s Picking  Your Piercer is an excellent brochure.

You can find me on social media as Will VonDoome: