Episode 17 – Real Talk: Hearing the Things you Don’t Want to Hear


In this week’s episode, we have a very important conversation with a person that I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends. That gentleman is Adam Richins of Amory Body Arts in Santa Cruz California. Adam has been a mentor to me for most of my professional piercing career and has earned a reputation in the industry as a person that will tell you things with blunt honesty. Sometimes this can change careers and other times it can cast a shadow of doubt onto the person that hears it.

So without further ado, listen in as we discuss the three most commonly heard reasons for complacency, why those are just excuses and how the podcast earned its name.

Adam can be found being an extremely positive person while piercing at Amory  Body Arts in Santa Cruz,California. You can also follow him on his Instagram as adam_richins.


This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry.

Episode 17 – Real Talk: Hearing the Things you Don’t Want to Hear


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