Episode 44 – Supporting Those That Support Us: A Community Conversation


Welcome back everyone, for this episode we are going to start with a quote from a member of the piercing community. “As the piercing industry hits peak commercial exploitation, please make sure that you’re spending your money at companies who choose to give back to the industry as a whole, and not ones who simply do nothing more than take with zero regard.”

So as an industry should we support companies that support us back? What about new companies who have not had the chance to support us yet? What about new businesses that cant afford to purchase from “premium” companies? Are you a person that blindly follows the “Cult of Cool” and does what popular folks do? Have you had a problem with a company and don’t feel they deserve? Or do you just not care at all because it doesn’t affect your day to day?

This quote can mean many things to many different people but on this episode, we are going to ask our community, what it means to them.

So without further ado, listen in as we hear from the community itself, we hear if backgrounds have influenced responses and how what we do today can shape tomorrow.


The following people who contributed to this episode have been listed below. I have made sure to include their names and locations. Please take a moment to follow them or visit their places of employment.

Jen Kristoff – Brilliance Piercing – Instagram

Luis Garcia – NoKaOi Tiki Tattoo Instagram

Jake Hardman – Drift PiercingInstagram

Cassi Lopez-March – So Gold StudiosInstagram

Matt Ronin – Doorway Beyond Piercing StudioFacebook

This episode sponsored by Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 44 – Supporting Those That Support Us: A Community Conversation


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