Proudly announcing our new Sponsor…


I would like to proudly announce our newest sponsor of the podcast

Jewelry This Way.


Jewelry This Way is a gold only jewelry company that offers handmade jewelry made in good ole Tennessee. The jewelry is made by piercers for piercers, paying attention to the detail that we all look for. However, that is not the best part about them, the best part is that when you peruse their stock on their website,, you will only see their current stock levels of products. That means zero turnaround time, just click, buy and wait for your jewelry to show up in the next few days. For most of us, the wait for jewelry is a constant struggle but with Jewelry This Way’s system, you can only order what’s made. This is great for when those summer rushes for when seam rings and daiths deplete your stock.

Jewelry This Way is also offering our listeners an awesome chance to try them out or if you are a current customer, a thank you for listening to this podcast. Next time you make a purchase on, use the code “RealTalk” to save 5% on your total purchase.  That is as easy as it comes to save a little bit of money while trying something new.  Check them out and help us support the sponsors that support the message that our podcast provides.


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