Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas


In this week’s episode we decided to go against our usual style of the podcast. This episode is a frank and honest discussion between friends about a topic that is an ever-constant thing within our industry. We decided to do this format for this roundtable because myself and our guests have been friends for numerous years and it’s something that deserves brutal honesty to show our listeners that they aren’t alone in their feelings. So what are we talking about then? Internet personas and representations of character, both in person and on social media. With these, we have positives and negatives but which is which? Are we doing more harm than good?

We sit down with some longtime friends, all providing a different perspective on this honest discussion. Former guest, Colin O of Laughing Buddha, joins us again to give a viewpoint on how his persona is handled radically different depending on the platform. Former sponsor and owner of Other Couture Jewelry, Mike Knight, weighs in on his work with celebrities hasn’t changed his lifestyle or business and  lastly, Perry Doig of Rose Gold San Francisco asks some questions that really make you think about your situation.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about how the way you present yourself could actually be hurting you as a professional, how amazing breakfast casseroles are and how your image is not your reputation.

Colin O, Perry Doig and Mike Knight can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.

This episode is sponsored by Amory Body Arts.

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas


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