Episode 34 – You Can’t Make Everyone Happy:Dealing with Customer Criticism


Welcome back everyone, in this week’s episode we decided to talk about one of the most dreaded things in our industry, negative customer reviews and unhappy customers. This is something we all know about and we all hate reading or experiencing.  However, we know these are an unpleasant fact in this day and age when everyone has the ability to be a reviewer. So how do we handle this? Do we fight back, do we put on a grin and bear it or do we look at ourselves and try to improve?

We sit down with this episode’s guests, piercer and owner of Six16 Piercing in Pittsburgh, PA; Nick SanGregory gives a direct response with dealing with clients and tells us when it’s ok to say enough is enough. While Brianna Sheehan of Mint Piercing gives her expertise as one of the most experienced front-end staff veterans of the industry on how you can change these scenarios by connecting with clients and understanding where they are coming from.

So without further ado, listen in as we tackle unruly customers, talk about the importance of “internet faces” and how to grow from the experience.

Brianna and Nick can be found on their Instagram’s or at their studios respectively.

This episode sponsored by  Amory Body Arts.

Episode 34 – You Can’t Make Everyone Happy:Dealing with Customer Criticism


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