Episode 33 – What it takes to Lead: Experiences of a Board Member


In this week’s episode, we talk about a topic that comes up every year in our industry, the annual Association of Professional Piercers board elections. When this episode airs, voting will be in full swing. Many people think that being a board member is a popularity contest but there is a large amount of responsibility and sacrifice that comes with it.

We sit down with two former board members of the Association of Professional Piercers to discuss their experiences and what it truly takes to be one. Kendra Jane, an extremely experienced piercer who is just stepping down from the vice president position, gives her insight on the sacrifices being of a board member and how rewarding the experience is. Our other guest is a piercer who has worked all over the country, Eduardo Chavarria. Eduardo was not only a volunteer for the APP at several conferences but also a former board member. He gives an honest view on what he hopes to see in the future from candidates and the demand that being a board member took.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about what it takes to be a board member, the APP helicopter and what we would like to see in future candidates.

Eduardo and Kendra can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.

This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 33 – What it takes to Lead: Experiences of a Board Member


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