Episode 31 – Freehand Versus Tools: Why can’t we just get along?


In this week’s episode, we have a casual discussion with some good friends of mine about a topic that always seems to stay relevant in the industry. This week we are discussing freehand piercing versus using tools. This topic is one that comes up constantly. Whether it be in job interviews, guesting opportunities or on the internet, it is something that comes up every day. Nevertheless, if the client is happy and the piercing is done safely and is well done, does it really matter?

We sit down for this round table with three different guests, each presenting their own unique view on the topic. Luis Garcia of NoKaOi Tiki Tattoo and Piercing in Philadelphia gives his brutally honest view as a long time veteran of the industry. Dana Dinius of Dorje Adornments in Rochester, New York gives us some insight into working in shops of various different volumes.  Lastly, Kelly Carvara of Monarch Body Piercing in Chattanooga, Tennessee gives us a shocking look into being a shop owner of a fully freehand and disposable business in a climate where “freehand” means something different to everyone.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about if tools are the devil, if one is better than the other, and what happens when your attitude writes a check that your skills can’t cash.

Luis, Dana and Kelly can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.

This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 31 – Freehand Versus Tools: Why can’t we just get along?


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