Episode 29 – What is that Called? : Communication and Language in the Industry


In this week’s episode, we decided to talk about a topic that we use everyday whether we admit to it or not. That topic is Communication and Language. This is how we share ideas, convey emotions and understand those around us. One of the things that language does is it changes rapidly. So why is that as an industry we get so upset when things are not called what we perceive are correct? Maybe because we are not right but do not want to admit it.

We sit down this week with Brett Graham of Luna Piercing & Jewelry of Vernon, Connecticut. Brett is not only an old man like myself, but is also a teacher of Public Speaking and a student working on his PhD in Communications at the University of Connecticut.  His unique perspective of being in this industry but also academically dealing with communications allows us to sit down and discuss how communication evolves and adapts in our industry.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about shared meanings, how we are old men drinking lemonade on the porch, and how language can change overnight.


Brett can be found on his Instagram as “sender_receiver” or at his studio respectively. Also, please consider taking some time to read and possibly donate to Zentastic. This is where this week’s audio clip came from. The website is incredibly important to our industry and deserves more attention as it is a great source of information and history to the body modification culture.

This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 29 – What is that Called? : Communication and Language in the Industry


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