Episode 21 – What are you Worth? : Wages in the Industry


In this week’s episode, we host a round table with Jake Hardman, Colin O and Oscar Sandoval to talk about a topic that many people in our industry consider taboo to discuss in the open. What we are talking about today is Wages.  This topic is something that is usually discussed behind closed doors with very close friends. We do this as to not embarrass ourselves or to not seem braggadocios if we are making more than average. Our industry is growing faster than ever and becoming more and more legitimized. However, if this is occurring why have wages seemed to mostly stay stagnant and not grown with the industry?

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about knowing your value as an employee, what hard decisions we face as a workforce and dispelling the smoke screen surrounding this topic.

Colin O, Jake Hardman and Oscar Sandoval can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.  Oscars band can be found on their bandcamp.


This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 21 – What are you Worth? : Wages in the Industry


2 thoughts on “Episode 21 – What are you Worth? : Wages in the Industry

    • That’s an extremely valid point. I was not trying to be dismissive by not having a female view on this episode. It is very hard to ensure I have topics covered from every angle but am glad you brought this to my attention.


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